Software Overview

I enjoy programming, and I have written a number of software programs that are useful to fellow academics. You can find out more about these programs from their respective pages.

Unless otherwise indicated, the software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • EZ Faculty Search. A web application for managing a faculty search. It was originally developed at the Department of Computer Science, and then it was adopted by my wife’s company.
  • Gradebook. An application for keeping track of your grades. It could import class rosters from UW’s student information system, but it has not been updated since UW changed its software backend.
  • LaTeX UWCS Letter Template. A LaTeX stylefile for writing letters with the university logo.
  • SchoolLib. An application for managing your collection of books and keeping track of who has borrowed what book. This application was written in Java, and it needs to be overhauled, possibly becoming an iOS app and Mac desktop application.
  • Fun with Orbits. A cross between orbital physics and HTML5, these self-contained applications explore orbital transfer and rendezvous maneuvers, and it was my way to learn HTML5.
  • Stellar Models. This is a demonstration of polytropes, which are simple models of stellar interiors.

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