Canvas Classroom Tools

This is a brand new project, and it is my way of learning Apple’s new programming language Swift. It is also designed to help me in the classroom. There are two features that I wish the native Canvas application supported:

  1. A way to quickly flip through students’ names and pictures, so I can learn their names.
  2. A way to take attendance probabilistically during class. What I like to do is pick a random student and ask him or her a question. Should the student not be in class, he or she is marked absent. The main idea is to keep the students engaged, so attendance is a secondary goal. But the basic need is to pick students at random during class.

While there are apps that could do either of these, none of them interoperate with WyoCourses, UW’s implementation of the Canvas learning management system. I have just begun to work on this project.  You can follow along by checking out the Github repository or my blog.

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