LaTeX UWCS Letterhead

This is a simple LaTeX style file that specializes LaTeX’s letter.cls to add the Department of Computer Science letterhead on top of the first page.

Note: Only use UW stationery and letterhead when you are writing in your capacity as a UW employee. For example, you may use it for letters of recommendation, transmittal of research results, etc. But do not use it for applying for a position somewhere, giving a personal opinion about some matter that UW has no position on, or sending letters to editors and elected representatives, unless transmitting some official UW opinion. [Thanks to Henry Bauer for bringing this to our attention.]

To use it, simply select “uwcsletter” instead of “letter” as the documentclass. I have tested it with both LaTeX and PDFLaTeX, and it seems to work fine. If you have any problems, let me know.

To download the style guide, place the following files in a directory where LaTeX searches for input files. I.e., place them somewhere in $TEXINPUTS or simply copy them to the directory you use to write LaTeX letters.

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